Grow Your Own Salad Part 2

Growing Salad Leaves in a Vegetable Plot

The principle here is almost exactly the same as growing in a seed tray in terms of preparing a nice flat area.  The trick here is that once you have a nice flat area for planting it’s a good idea to take a bamboo stick and create lines along the width at about 2 feet apart.  You can then sparsely sprinkle your seeds in to the channels you have created and then cover them the over.

You will find, with either a plot or seed tray, that once your Salad Leaves sprout that they are most likely to be clumped together and therefore you are going to have to thin out your seedlings.

As you work through thinning out your seedlings simply replant the seedlings in a different place to ensure that you maximize your crop yield.

Harvesting Your Salad Leaves

You should find that it takes approximately 6 weeks before your salad leaves are ready for harvesting and these should be between 8 to 10 inches high.  Once they are ready it’s simply a case of taking a pair of scissors and snipping off the leaves that you want to eat.

Quick Tip: Do not pull up the whole plant but rather snip off what you need and then you will find that the Salad plant will regenerate with new growth, giving you a readily available and plentiful supply of salad leaves throughout the season.

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