Better baking with nuts

I think we can all agree that fresh baked goods are delicious, the smell, the taste the sugary goodness, what is not to like? I have a good friend who is allergic to gluten which puts a bit of a damper on baked goods, gluten-free flours don’t have quite the same texture or taste as the regular stuff and after some disastrous results with substituting ingredients, I resolved to find naturally gluten-free recipes instead. Luckily my friend has no nut allergies because I found an excellent series of recipes that use no flour whatsoever, what they use instead are ground up nuts. I had no idea that you could use nuts like this and was impressed with how well the recipes turned out. 

A food processor is the best kitchen gadget to crush up nuts in. Got a mini food prep chopper device? It will work but will take a bit longer.  To add some extra tasty flavour to the ground nut flour try toasting your nuts before grinding them up. Most likely you will be preheating your oven for the bake so use the time to bring out the fragrance and deepen the flavours of the nuts.  To toast them spread the nuts out on a baking pan and place in the oven for about 10 minutes. Check the nuts every couple of minutes, and give the pan a shake to prevent any sticking.  Remove the nuts and lay them on a wire rack to cool completely before grinding up.  If you want to toast a big batch of nuts for future use, keep them in the freezer until you are ready to grind them up for extra freshness.

Using nuts in place of flour speaks to my whole food ethos, there are no hidden ingredients and by sourcing high quality and organic nuts I can be assured of the quality going into my baked goods too.

I have found pecans and walnuts to be the most versatile nut flours with many recipes allowing you to interchange them.  Experiment with those and then branch out into other varieties.

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